2009-02-27 - London, England - Broadcasting House rooftop


  1. Get On Your Boots
  2. Magnificent
  3. Vertigo / Substitute (snippet) / She Loves You (snippet) / Dig It (snippet)
  4. Beautiful Day
Reacties: U2 play a surprise gig atop the BBC's headquarters at the end of Chris Evans' show on Radio 2. Thousands gather on the street below to watch. The band were originally going to finish with Vertigo (which was last played live in May 2007), but were given the chance to play a fourth song if they were quick. Our full story about this gig and two preceding interviews is located here.
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nummers per album

  1. No Line On The Horizon (2)
  2. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (1)
  3. All That You Can't Leave Behind (1)

beste song performances

  1. Magnificent (3 stemmen)

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recensie van wangmaster

8 jaren geleden


amazing performance.

the new songs sound really tight, and the old ones have gotten better with time, much like a fine wine.


crystal clear, as a radio broadcast would.
Opname: FM Aerial Broadcast - 5 sterren


can't really hear them, to be honest.


a nice, short show that's sure to become a classic for collectors and fans alike. The video footage makes for some good viewing, too.

The snippet of "She Loves You" at the end of Vertigo is awesome, too.

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