1. That's a massive stage here......cool...
  2. So the first rehearsals will take a place in Houston not Van?
  3. If the stage is under construction just now then when roughly can we expect the rehearsals to take place? I haven't really followed rehearsals in previous years so just interested.
  4. Wonder if the screen will stretch the entire backdrop... There have been rumours about the largest screen ever..
  5. Maybe like Metallica's stadium stage this year

  6. It only takes one photo from an angle where you can hardly see anything redzone... to make U2 fans panic about the position of the redzone.
  7. so......uh... what.... with pitch2..... will I stand INSIDE the tree then? welcome to the jungle
  8. wowwwwww
  9. ok, next photo please!
  10. Woah thats massive
  11. Wow! Gettin excited!
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