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Van Diemens Land // Song of the Moment: The Fly
Veterinary Surgeon
Trail Running, Skiing, Rugby, Music
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1989-12-27 - Dublin
"An essential download along with the o.."
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The Joshua Tree
djrlewis heeft 11 songs van het The Joshua Tree album live gehoord.
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favoriete tour: Popmart
"My first tour and I was completely blown away. Couldn't make ZooTV otherwise I suspect that might have been my favourite!"
favoriete show: 2015-11-07 - Glasgow
"Most recent yes, but the band were really feeling the crowd's energy, the setlist was great and we got Tear Us Apart / Shine Like Stars in WOWY :)"
favoriete album: Achtung Baby
"It's a masterpiece. Simple as that. "
favoriete nummer: One
"Far too many personal reasons to list here :)"

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